CX ON APP The World's First ALL-IN-ONE CX App For Small Businesses!

Getting Digital

Businesses now have an all-in-one engine to create, manage & measure their experience in simple clicks.

Improve Experience

Post-COVID customer experience has become a competitive differentiator. It’s not the price or product or promotion.

Retain Customers

We help MSMEs retain customers as it costs 10 times less to retain than relentlessly hunt for new business.

Listen More

Helping MSMEs to listen to customers to understand preferences, their loyalty & sentiments to personalize marketing.

Personalize Marketing

AI-driven automatic assistance for MSMEs to personalize the marketing based on customer’s preferences & purchase behavior.

Fetch Referrals

Delighted customers refer MSMEs to friends & family. It’s all about the delight factor consistent throughout the customer journey.

CX ON QR Driving Digital Experiences From Print Media.

Product Awareness

Customers scan to experience videos, audios & pictures of product or services or events or live-shows or movie trailers or what not

Real-time Support

Drive real-time product support to download know-how.pdf, write support tickets, complaints & video calls as well!

Show Promo Codes

Show promo codes to promote customer engagement to drive sales on e-commerce portals, discounts sites, movie theatres.

Emergency Contact

Drive instant WhatsApp or chatbot conversations relating to emergency services like blood-banks, ambulance, theft, crime report

Public Wi-Fi

Connect to public wi-fi in malls, museums, high streets, and other public places to help tourists or locals & collect incredible insights too!

Feedback & Testimonials

Collect customer feedback in-store or from outdoor advertising to drive testimonials, loyalty, rewards, referrals & more too!

RATEYFIEDS Rateyfieds is rated classifieds to voice for locals.

This is a global program to digitize small businesses, handhold them to increase their credibility & give them visibility online & with high-street retailers too.

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