What we do? We speak the UNiversal Language Of Customers!

We Create Experiences Incredible experiences help acquisition

The attention span of today’s customer is a challenging problem for your branding & marketing teams. Creating new experiences that thrill & excite customers helps hold attention for better brand engagement.

We Manage Experiences Consistency of experience is the key

The excitement of an incredible experience is volatile. The only way to keep the excitement quotient up is to create the consistency of experience throughout the customer journey at all customer touch points.

We Measure Experiences Adapt experiences to changing needs

The veracity i.e the truthfulness of customer loyalty towards a brand has to be measured consistently with volumes, velocity & variety of data, collected directly or indirectly, with the consent of the customer.

Why Humanize Digital Experiences? Customer Is A Human, Not Data Or An ID!

In this day & age of digital engagement, more often a customer is treated as an account number, customer ID, mobile number or email address. Whilst these are ways of identifying customers digitally, it shouldn’t mask the sentiment and preferences of the real human being. The customer relationship has become very transactional & we are trying to help organizations to humanize it through incredible customer eXperiences.

Customer eXperiences drive the Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) through friends & families. WOMM remains the most consistent & cost-effective customer acquisition & retention strategy. It is a very simple and straightforward theory that ‘delighted customers repeat & refer business’.

Customer Preferences 2020

Enterprise Solutions Customer, Brand, Product & Employee Experiences


Our experience consulting portfolio expands to customer experience, product experience, brand experience & employee experience. We are a complete human experience consulting partner.

Architecture Design

Ideas can be given by many. Aligning the business, application, data, integration, infrastructure, security, testing & transition teams for a harmonious human experience is our strength.

Vendor Management

Buy or build is always a difficult choice. We help choose right vendor solutions that are repeatable, reusable, integrated, secured, futuristic, cost-effective & simple to deploy too.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs! We are super proud to be powering world's first ever e-commerce program run by mom entrepreneurs selling products, services & events in one place.

Government Solutions AI & CX Based Policy Changes & Interventions

Skill Development

Customer eXperience is not a recognized skill in most countries. As a result, despite financial assistance & policy changes, economic growth is not meeting its goal. Businesses are NOT SKILLED to delight customers.

Technology Adoption

We develop AI-enabled smart apps in regional languages to empower micro, small & medium enterprises globally to manage their end-end business in simple clicks. Experience management is no more just for enterprises.

Marketing Handholding

The common problem faced by most micro, small & medium businesses is the lack of hand-holding & guidance towards effective marketing. We train & handhold MSMEs on effective marketing techniques saving time, money & efforts.

In conversations with

How We Empower MSMEs? Technology Adoption, Effective Marketing & Handholding

Getting Digital

Businesses now have an all-in-one engine to create, manage & measure their experience in simple clicks.

Improve Experience

Post-COVID customer experience has become a competitive differentiator. It’s not the price or product or promotion.

Retain Customers

We help MSMEs retain customers as it costs 10 times less to retain than relentlessly hunt for new business.

Listen More

Helping MSMEs to listen to customers to understand preferences, their loyalty & sentiments to personalize marketing.

Personalize Marketing

AI-driven automatic assistance for MSMEs to personalize the marketing based on customer’s preferences & purchase behavior.

Fetch Referrals

Delighted customers refer MSMEs to friends & family. It’s all about the delight factor consistent throughout the customer journey.

The culture we Unloc! Delighted employees delight customers!

About Us:

Unloc Ltd was found in January 2009 on a cold winter evening in London. We are headquartered in London with branches in India & Malaysia. We have customers across the globe as we speak the UNiversal Language Of Customers i.e we Unloc.

Our Journey:

We remained a consulting & design company until 2016. We went on to develop CXONCLOUD, an all-in-one app for customer experience in 2017 & kadaiveedhi.shop world’s first e-commerce portal exclusively for mompreneurs in 2018.

Our Culture:

To delight customers, employees need to be delighted. We trust our employees & give them benefits keeping their interests as center & flexibility as a radius to deliver more than their best.

Every employee in this organization is a customer success champion. Whether they write user stories or code or test products or sell solutions or support customers, they aim to exceed customer expectations.

Flexible working hours, work from anywhere, bring your own device, pursue passions alongside working, swap roles to wear your peer shoes are some of the benefits our employees love us for.

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Full Stack Developer X 2 5+ yrs experience developing SaaS
Creative Content Producer 3+ yrs creative experience
Business Development - Sales 5+ yrs experience selling SaaS

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