UNLOC Stands for UNiversal Language Of Customers.

We build products & design solutions that help businesses delight their customers, effortlessly. So that, their delighted customers drive repeat & referral business, organically.

Why Humanize Brand Experiences? Your Customer Is A Human, Not Data Or An ID!

In this day & age of digital engagement, more often a customer is treated as an account number, customer ID, mobile number or email address. Whilst these are ways of identifying customers digitally, it shouldn’t mask the sentiment and preferences of the real human being. The customer relationship has become very transactional & we are trying to help organizations to humanize it through incredible customer eXperiences.

Customer eXperiences drive the Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) through friends & families. WOMM remains the most consistent & cost-effective customer acquisition & retention strategy. It is a very simple and straightforward theory that ‘delighted customers repeat & refer business’.


Key Initiatives

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

CX for micro & small businesses

Voice for local businesses, globally.

Get Involved Business revival post-Covid

If you know of a community that is helping micro & small businesses revive from Covid losses, we are willing to Unloc their potential with technology, marketing & handholding. We have empowered more than 500+ businesses in the last 3 months & counting.

Keen To Unloc? Let us get on a non-obligatory call to have a quick audit of your as-is. We can take it forward from there. Sounds good?