Delighted Employees Make Delighted Customers!

Humanizing the employee experience automatically humanizes the brand, product & customer experience. We preach what we practice.

The Culture We Unloc!

Delighted employees delight customers!

About Us:

Unloc Ltd was found in January 2009 on a cold winter evening in London. We are headquartered in London with branches in India & Malaysia. We have customers across the globe as we speak the UNiversal Language Of Customers i.e we Unloc.

Our Journey:

We remained a consulting & design company until 2016. We went on to develop CXONCLOUD, an all-in-one app for customer experience in 2017 & kadaiveedhi.shop world’s first e-commerce portal exclusively for mompreneurs in 2018.

Our Culture:

To delight customers, employees need to be delighted. We trust our employees & give them benefits keeping their interests as center & flexibility as a radius to deliver more than their best. Every employee in this organization is a customer success champion. Whether they write user stories or code or test products or sell solutions or support customers, they aim to exceed customer expectations. Flexible working hours, work from anywhere, bring your own device, pursue passions alongside working, swap roles to wear your peer shoes are some of the benefits our employees love us for.

Want To Be An Unlocr?

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